There is always an encounter that beautify the whole past.Who knows you are exquisite?

Each element in the room plays an important role to exaggerate its beauty. Curtains being an essential detail not only helps create a pleasant atmosphere but even contributes to home decor.
What are your top tips for choosing the perfect curtain fabric?
Being able to filter the light through sheers and soften the space was important.
● Keep it simple and neutral. Sheer curtains are already a huge statement, so we recommend going for a fabric that doesn’t overpower the rest of the home.
● Choose a texture you’re already using in your home. Our home is full of natural materials including linen, so linen sheers were an obvious choice.
● Link your curtain colour with your furniture and carpet fabrics, to make the connection with the rest of the house.

Our curtains play a massive role in softening the space, adding drama and bringing everything together. Zhuji KSM I&E.,LTD is shaoxing zhenfei textile printing factory in keqiao ,which is professional in paper transfer printing over 25 years,until now we have over 10000 designs based on different fabrics ,like voile,minimatt,dobby,jacquard,blackout and so on,cover almost all kinds of curtain and table cloth fabrics. Service for customer ,achieve growth together is our target.
Floral tulle curtains, which will decorate your living room, bedroom or dining room.Top pole pocket tulle curtains for easy hanging on bright windows in bedrooms.Thin curtain veils allow sunlight to shine through and illuminate the space, making it easy to see the outside world.Beautiful and colorful printed flowers create a pastoral and atmosphere.

Privacy please or let the light shine through, we’ve got it all.Blackout curtains,privacy to the max,perfect for bedrooms,nurseries and media roooms.Plus,thermal designs can protect against outside heat and cold,and even noise.Light filtering curtains,ideal for living spaces ,dinning rooms or playrooms,these allow some light to pass through and provide slightly more privacy than sheer curtains.Sheer curtains ,here comes the sun !These let in lots of natural light ,but provide minimal privacy .This type is best for rooms that are out of view of neighbors.

The daily life is amazing.There is something so satisfying about watching the smoothness of the curtains moving . It feels so high-end and such a talking point of our home.I hope you allow us to elevate your home with such beauty.Visit our showroom to see all types of curtains fabric from voile to blackout.

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