What is the charm of stripes?

Striped elements have been all the rage in the fashion world for a long time.The rise of stripes originated in France in the mid-19th century, and the 21 stripes represent every victory of Napoleon.
In 1972,Mademoiselle Chanel launched the Nautical Collection. Since then, “stripes” have become synonymous with fashion. Few elements are as new as ever!In 2022, the Chanel brand returns to the classic, once again bringing striped elements to the runway, showing the brand’s classic elegance and effort. In 2022, Chanel.In addition to clothing, handbags, etc., stripes are often used in the home. Sometimes simple and atmospheric, sometimes fresh and elegant, striped elements show their unique charm in different colors and different shapes! Zhuji KSM I&E.,LTD established in 2012,engage in home textile over 8 years.Our factory is shaoxing zhenfei textile printing factory in keqiao ,which is professional in paper transfer printing over 25 years,until now we have over 10000 designs based on different fabrics ,like voile, minimatt, dobby, jacquard, blackout and so on,cover almost all kinds of curtain and table cloth fabrics. Service for customer ,achieve growth together is our target.

Printed stripes are intuitive and classic.
Speaking of stripes furniture,you must think of FENDI CASA. In 1983, Karl Lagerfeld designed the stripe, which has since become a classic of Fendi and has been used in all kinds of furniture design.This design is always unconventional! The stripes are no longer horizontal and vertical in its hands, but interpret lightness and literary art in a graceful posture. Quilted stripes Hidden design sense.

Highlighting the stripes with quilting and adding a sense of design on top of “normal” can be regarded as advanced play. LEAF lounge chair, the design is inspired by leaves, the quilting on the surface of the chair body, like the meridians of leaves,Sitting on it feels like it’s blowing in the wind.

The “stylistic” stripe is truly innovative.
How much innovation potential does Stripe have? These hardcore furniture in the shape of stripes may be a good answer. They break the limits of flat stripes and come out with an innovative attitude.We are keeping upgrading our equipments and technicians,focus on quality control,contribute the best to our customer. Our main products are
curtain&fabricstablecloth&fabrics, contains voile, sheer, jacquard, blackout, embossed, embroidery and print, Widely used in various fields such as home and clothing,They have been sold far and well received in South Asia, Mid East, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, North America.

The square coffee table made of wooden panels has a unique shape and interprets the infinite possibilities of striped elements in home applications.

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